‘The Hot Rods of Dearborn’ has changed to ‘Hot Rodder History’

In 2006, Tom Kuhr & Rich DeBene started ‘The Hot Rods of Dearborn’ website for the purpose of documenting stories and images of people, culture, and vehicles central to the activity of hand-built hot rods from the late 1940’s to the early 1960’s. This period is known as the ‘golden age of hot rodding’. Originally, our geographical focus was the city of Dearborn, Michigan and the surrounding Southeastern Michigan area. ‘Hot Rodder History’ will have a wider interest and scope, inclusive of all the United States.

Hot Rodder History (HRH) believes that the creative hand-built nature of the early hot rod scene is worthy of preservation and should be viewed as truly unique American folk art. Help us document this rich legacy. Send your photos and stories!

Hot Rods: Made by someone. Used by someone. Expressive of someone.